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As some of you may have noticed me mentioning, I’m working on a top secret blogging project. I’m keeping my lips totally sealed (at least for now) because it’s something that is totally unlike anything else out there and I want to get through the bulk of the work on it before I start telling you all about it!

I’m jumping-out-of-my-skin excited about it, though. And I think you will be too.

Since people have started asking me about it, I’ve created The Front Lines - a mailing list specifically for people who want to be the first to know when I start to spill the beans.

What The Front Lines is not:

  • Some kind of newsletter where you get once-a-week, boring updates about my blog
  • A way to pitch you affiliate products (none of that, ever)
  • My blog feed or otherwise pertaining to After Graduation
  • For people who are not bloggers or social media professionals
  • Inbox filler (you can expect two or three emails from me between now and pre-launch, that’s it)

What The Front Lines is:

  • A way to ensure that you’re the first to know when I start releasing details about my super secret project
  • Your ticket to a huge discount when the product is released
  • A way to find out how to become an affiliate when the product is released

If you’re a blogger or social media professional, trust me; you want to know about this product.

Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time, and I’ll never share your information with anyone. That goes without saying, but I said it anyway, just in case you were worried about it.

So how do you sign up? Just enter your name and email address below:

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