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If you’re reading this from a feed reader…well, this feed no longer works. I mean, it does work - at least, it still exists, but when I publish a new post on After Graduation, you won’t see it here as an update. Terrible news, I know.

Luckily, you can change that! If you click here, you can get all set up with the new feed.

I really should have caught this problem sooner. So sorry to all of you who have been feverishly waiting by your computers for new posts from me! :-p

Oh, and in case you haven’t realized it… this post isn’t really from May 2010 - with the wackadoodle way I have my site set up now, I had to postdate it to reach out to you all! Or, you can just imagine me in my Delorean, traveling back in time to send you a message. Yes, that’s much cooler, let’s go with that story.

Sorry again for the hassle - hope to see you around After Graduation!