I’m willing to do a lot to get my message out there. If there’s something I can do to reach more readers, I’ll give it a shot. I think what I have to say can really help people, especially recent grads. I was recently talking to a friend of mine about how to attract more readers in my target market, and his advice was, “Well, if you want to reach the male 20-something market, just post some naked pictures.”

So maybe that’s the answer. Maybe it’s time to get naked.

Did  you miss it? Scroll up and look again - that’s me completely naked.

Ok, obviously I’m being a facetious here. I’m not going to take my top off and post pictures on my blog. But that picture of me is definitely one where I’m completely naked, and I want talk to you about getting a little naked yourself!

In that picture, I’m looking ridiculous because I was doing my friend’s make-up at a ’80s-themed bachelorette party. I didn’t know the picture was being taken, so I didn’t look at the camera with a goofy pose or canned smile. I’m usually self-conscious about having my picture snapped, but at that moment, I wasn’t. I was legitimately just laughing and having fun, unaware that someone had their camera out. I wasn’t protected in any way. I might as well have been completely naked.

I think it’s time we bring that nakedness to our careers. Let’s take down the wall of fake smiles and poses that we feel pressured to show our friends and family members. Let’s get a little honest. When you don’t think anyone is looking, does your job make you smile like I’m smiling in that picture? Or are you just smiling for the camera?

We “smile for the camera” to keep up appearances, even if we’re hurting inside. This can be true in any facet of life, but why do we do it when it comes to career? For pride? That’s not a good reason.

It’s okay to look at your life situation and say, “This sucks! I want out!”

A few days again, I read a post from Srinivas at The Skool of Life called “When to hold and when to fold: Why I left my job in two weeks.” After searching for a job for 6 months after graduation, Srini finally found one - and quickly realized that it made him miserable. So he quit.

I’m not necessarily saying that it is a good idea to quit your job, since your situation is likely different from Srini’s situation, but I think what his story can teach us is that getting naked is an important step in getting out of the rut you’re in. It’s time to strip away fake happiness and admit that we want to do something else with our lives. You might need to continue working to support your family, but getting naked allows you to take the first step in find a new job. You might need to continue working to pay your rent, but getting naked allows you to start exploring re-education options to entire a new career field. You might need to continue working for any number of reasons - but you don’t need to be stuck anymore.

Getting naked is both liberating and scary, but doing it will help you find happiness with your career. Remove your walls and be honest with yourself and those around you. Be naked!

Just don’t send me pictures…

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