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The word blog has a bad connotation for many people. At one time, blogs were online journals where people could rant about things in their lives. Today, there are still blogs that serve as online journals, but this is just one type of blog. As a freelancer, you’re more likely to be hired for a professional blog.

You may not realize it, but many of the websites you visit are actually blogs. Even major news sites are blogs, opening their articles to comments and encouraging participation through retweet and Facebook “like” buttons.

So what sets apart a professional blog?

  • The blog is focused on a single niche.
  • The blogger is teaching, informing, or entertaining readers, not just using the site as a place to vent.
  • The blogger is trying to attract readers and, in most cases, trying to make money with the blog.

The first point, in my opinion, is what sets a professional blog apart from an online journal the most. A professional blog is only successful if you have a focused topic, because otherwise, it is hard to connect with an audience.

You can start a professional blog yourself, or you can work for clients by writing blog posts for blogs they run. Check out the other articles in this section to learn more about both options.

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