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Articles versus Blog Posts

As a writer, you could be hired to write articles. You could also be hired to write blog posts. Sometimes, the wording of the ad is “articles,” but they are actually uploaded to blogs, so they become blog posts. It can all be a little confusing, so let’s look at the difference between articles and blogs - and the changes you have to make as a writer to keep your online clients happy.

The term “article” is of course much older than the term “blog post.” At the most very basic level, an article and a blog post are the same thing. The difference is that a blog post engages the reader by asking for interaction, typically through comments. The line is really blurry, though.

Typically, if you’re writing an article, you want to be the total authority on the subject. Your article should be comprehensive about the subject in question, and may even include a list of references at the end. Many articles follow a more traditional format, emulating what you’d find in a magazine.

Blog posts can certain be the same thing, but with the possibility for readers to leave comments. With blog posts, you also have the flexibility to not be the total expert on the subject. Many bloggers like to end their posts in questions, opening the floor to the reader. It’s a fine line to walk - you do want to uphold some authority, but at the same time, you want to open lines of communication with your readers. In other words, blog posts are all about reader participation!

So what does this mean for you as a writer?

It means that you need to be extremely clear with your client as to what they expect when they order a set of articles or blog post. Something I like to do is ask the client for an example of something they really, really like and want you to emulate. Of course, you don’t want to copy another blog or website, but this can give you an understanding of not just the style of writing the client wants, but also the level of engagement with the reader they want.


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